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  1. Power Pro | Shred Fat Burners


    ✔ Weight management 

    ✔ Support Fat Burning, Increased Energy & Focus

    ✔ Contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue

  2. Power Pro | CLA | 1000mg


    ✔ Aids Fat Loss

    ✔ Supports Healthy Weight Loss

    ✔ CLA is not a stimulant, making it especially useful for the stimulant-sensitive

  3. Power Pro | L-Carnitine Liquid


    ✔ Aids weight loss

    ✔ Provides 1000mg L-Carnitine per serving

    ✔ Provides Muscular Energy by burning Fat

  4. Power Pro | Hi Pro 80 Isolate Complex | Whey Protein | 2.2kg


    ✔ Fast absorbing Isolate Protein

    ✔ Lean gains with low fat and carb intake

    ✔ High in BCAAs

  5. Power Pro - Lean Muscle Bundle Set


    ✔ 1 month supply

    ✔ Fast absorbing whey isolate protein

    ✔ Build lean muscle

  6. Power Pro | L-Carnitine | 500mg


    ✓ Aids weight loss

    ✓ Blast Stubborn Fat

    ✓ Provides Muscular Energy by burning Fat



    ✔ Ornithine & Arginine - stimulate the release of HGH in adults while they are asleep. This means that levels of this hormone can be safely retained at teenage level whether you are twenty six or sixty.

    ✔ Carnitine - speeds up the passage of fat into cells where it is used as fuel. Recent studies have shown that Carnitine also helps reduce the high levels of blood fat that lead to clogged arteries, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

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